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We first opened our doors in 1964 with a focus on personal service and delivering a quality product. Since then our business and circle of friends has expanded more than we could possibly have imagined. Today we have a growing commercial, corporate and business focused operation and a loyal base
of retail customers.

Office products is just the start of what we offer – commercial printing, expert graphic design, fulfillment services, breakroom and facility supplies, office machines and furniture as well as the technology to make your business sing. We provide the solutions that our customers want and anticipate those that they need.

Our first store was merely 1,000 square feet, today our corporate office is home to our Order Desk, a 20,000 square foot distribution center and our Print Shop. Our spacious 4,400 square feet retail presence in Newport Beach offers a top of class selection of stationery, wedding invitations, party goods, gifts and products for the home or business office.

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